Get my Master Thesis and Paper in German!

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After successfully finishing my RobotaS project at the University of Technologie in Vienna,
graduating as a Master of Science in Mechatronic/Robotic, you can finally download my Master Thesis and my Paper!

Unfortunately both are written in German. You can find them here (Master Thesis) and here (Paper).

Neverless, there is a new Version of the Paper which will be published for the
22nd DAAAM International World Symposium (2011-11-23-26 at the Austria Center Vienna, in Vienna) and I will also present my Poster there.

I will try to put both here for download as soon as possible!

Abstract of the Paper:
This paper deals with the development of a robot prototype, which carries goods of a person in a supermarket using low-cost sensors, like the Kinect camera, in a real environment. From the combination of different tracking methods, two versions of the overall system were developed: version 1 based on 3D point cloud and a special template matcher and an improved version 2 based on depth image and a special particle filter. Experiments for unique identification and distance calculation with a Bluetooth system were carried out but ultimately proved too inaccurate with the given hardware. Under constant lightning conditions, the target person could be found with a high confidence. For unsteady lighting conditions, color information distortions by the camera resulted in calculation errors and in wrong match results. In summary, the prototype already provided very good results at this early stage

Key words: OpenCV, Robot Operating System, Kinect, robotic shopping card, wireless systems

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